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50 min, DV - PAL, 2004
Suffocating flowers, envious looks, ambiguous gestures, misappropriations of lines and roles, exchanges alternating between simmering hostility and saccharine adoration reveal the tempered indignities of Disaffection and Disaffectation. Using translucent strategies of exaggeration and uncontrolled disclosure, two actors volley the three roles between themselves, their contrived boudoir, and the camera. Alternately parading, fixating on, and glossing over the crude markers of its own self-conscious reconstruction, this particular re-working of Genet's often-revisited play, Les Bonnes - The Maids, unfolds and refolds back onto its own cluttered, claustrophobic staging. The layers of dramatization alternate between two women reenacting the roles and the play for each other, and two actors playing Les Bonnes for a director, trapped in Genet's familiar and lurid diversions.

50 min, DV - PAL
Country of production: Scotland
Year of production: 2004
Camera and direction: Anita Di Bianco
Performed by: Hanneline Visnes and Lucy Skaer
Direction assistance: Francesco Gagliardi
Adapted from Jean Genet's Les Bonnes
Produced at and with the support of Tramway Arts Centre, Glasgow
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