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Letters from the Unsuspecting
varying durations, DV-PAL, 2004
Oh, well, maybe it's true about absence and distance and gaps in fondness, or maybe not. Certainly no place is ever as romantic as where you don't live, certainly no love as irresistible as the one you hardly know, whose details you retell with significant, if incidental, errors, whose details veer intentionally into realm of fantastic. Maybe same words strike different tones in ears of listeners than by implication of tellers, maybe these places interject their own illogical agendas, setting off improbable collisions. Certainly one is not to be blamed for tall winding tales.

Letters from the unsuspecting is a video in letters, filming/reading locations include forests and hillsides in Grizedale and empty lots and loading docks in Brooklyn, readers include Bob Grieve, Lucy McKenzie, Rene Gabri, and Joan Linder.
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