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30 min, DV, 2002
scene one

(leaving studio, bag over arm, door slams behind her, singing)

With you I wouldn't know what to do -
Don't want to take you with me.

scene two

(Central Station - reading statement)

I would like to be clear on this point to avoid leaving anyone with additional delusions. At the end of this film I will not be in love, (whether or not I am now). It will not be possible to say whether I have become any richer or more famous. I will not have undergone and process of redemption. I may not have learned much more humility, tolerance, or passivity. I will have been neither punished nor compensated. Neither will I find myself disillusioned or deflatedů

Format: DV
Running time: 30 minutes
Year of production: 2002
Country of production: Italy, Netherlands
Language: Italian spoken with English subtitles
Written and directed by Anita Di Bianco
Performed by Elisabetta Milani
Camera by Anita Di Bianco

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